Litin Outside Sales & Buyers

Tim Tompkins, Outside Sales

Tim Tompkins, is a National Packaging Sales Consultant who has worked with manufacturers and corporations for the past 25 years. His years of experience selling a wide array of products makes him an expert at identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Tim is the former co-founder of River City Packaging, Inc. in Minneapolis and joined Litin after Litin's acquisition. He is a sportsman who enjoys all sports including hunting, fishing, and working out. Secretly, after all these years, Tim still gets a bit of a thrill watching stretch wrappers do their job.

Tom Bailey, Outside Sales

Tom Bailey's story coming soon.

Dave Hoff, Outside Sales

Dave Hoff is a National Packaging Sales Consultant who has worked more than 20 years finding new solutions for his customers. He is the former co-founder of River City Packaging and joined Litin after Litin's acquisition. Dave is a sportsman with a love for hockey and barefoot water skiing.

Tom Young, Outside Sales

Tom Young, has been in the Industrial Distribution business for 40 plus years, joining Litin in 2011. He works closely with customers to develop effective long term solutions to challenges presented.

Tom enjoys family, especially his grandchildren, golf, and travel.

Phil Berdahl, Outside Sales

Phil Berdahl joined Litin Paper 14 years ago in outside sales. After being other places before he is most impressed with Litin's overall commitment to quality and service. Phil enjoys his weekends in Northwest Wisconsin and enjoys playing sports. Tennis is his favorite and he is a huge Minnesota Gopher Fan. But his biggest bliss as a part-time musician is jamming with seasoned professionals.

Dave Hawkins, Outside Sales

Dave Hawkins's story coming soon.

Simon Hefty, LitinEco Outside Sales

Simon Hefty has been with Litin Paper 13 years, 11 of those years with LitinEco. Simon strives to provide better compostable solutions for current alternatives.

Simon loves his business and the personal aspect of working with customers. "Understanding who my clients are as professionals and what they want to accomplish in their day-to-day business--and knowing them personally, as individuals outside of business, is very fulfilling to me," Simon said.

In his spare time Simon enjoys playing golf, golf & more golf. On the horizon, Hefty looks forward to playing golf in other countries.